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Polygraph Examination: What You Need to Know

Finding the truth throughout history has been difficult for investigators and law enforcement. They use various methods to collect evidence, like physical objects or a person’s responses. One technique is the polygraph test, also called a lie detector test. It measures physical changes in the body, like breathing rate and heart rate, while a person answers questions. This information is recorded on a chart. Polygraphs are used to catch criminals or screen job applicants, especially for security jobs.

At First Light Psychological Services, in Kew Gardens, NY & Farmingdale, NY our staff of dedicated professionals is providing wide-ranged polygraph examination opportunities involving all the steps of physical tests for the undergoing interrogation process which helps you to better understand the truthfulness of a case under observation and assists you to create better judgment.

Analyzing Polygraphy Examination

The process works by analyzing deceptive behavior which alters normal physiological responses during the interview as it may hint towards lying as a defensive strategy for the criminal and this is noted in the electrical conductance created by voice tremors, sweating and disturbed vitals triggered by the underlying guilt and hence a chart is created which can be interpreted by a standard set by the authorities or by the specialist responsible for coding using the computer or other assistive devices.

Types of Questioning Techniques

There are 3 types of main questioning techniques used in polygraph examination as a standard protocol:
1. The relevant-irrelevant technique
2. Control/comparison questioning test
3. Guilty knowledge polygraph testing
At First Light Psychological Services, in Kew Gardens, NY & Farmingdale, NY our professionals are providing the facility of various testing techniques to rule suspects under investigation and to narrow down towards gaining clues, being the cause of ongoing criminal events, and to sort evidence for finding out the motive behind such acts.
The relevant-irrelevant technique:
It uses 2 types of questioning one is related to the main event and is specific other is unrelated to the event, individuals’ strong physiological stressor response towards related question is compared with the 2nd question and if there is noted a high affinity towards 1st it may be a sign of deception.

Control/comparison questioning test

In this type of questioning strategy, subtle questions are asked which are indirectly associated with an event and may tempt towards deception related to relevant questions, and responses are compared for subtle questions to relevant questions which may indicate a person is lying.

Guilty knowledge polygraphy testing

In this detailed information about the event which can only be known by the criminal are asked confidentially by the investigators in a multiple scenario situation and if the suspect denies all of them it means there is an element of hiding the truth leading him towards being a strong candidate involved in the particular incident.

Purpose of Polygraphy examinations

It is used on a global level by different police agencies secret services and even law firms when national security and secrecy of work goals are under question. Major countries in Europe Asia and other regions of the world are using these assistive techniques to gather better evidence and make their defense system stronger and more capable.

Following are some of the main purposes

1. It is sued for screening before grating employments in special firms like law and intelligence commissions to run a background check of psychosocial behavior of an individual under certain situations which can be lethal if went possibly in a wrong direction in future.
2. Also for currently employed individuals where a time to time check is necessary to maintain the confidentiality of the job tasks.
3. In police departments for interrogation purposes especially high profile cases where pieces of evidence are limited so to pinpoint the main causes, motives, and goals to narrow down the suspect’s list.

Importance of Polygraphy Evaluations

It is essential to understand that polygraphy evaluations are not yet enough alone and that it only aids in the interrogative process for each individual. The evaluation should be administered by a qualified professional since they are trained to obtain the most accurate results and analyze the performance.

To start the process of getting a polygraphy evaluation, reach out to our expert team of analytical professionals At First Light Psychological Services, in Kew Gardens, NY & Farmingdale, NY we are providing the services of polygraphy evaluations and all the related assessments to meet your concerns.

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