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Acute Stress Disorder Symptoms – Causes – Treatment

Almost all of us suffer acute trauma i.e. acute stress disorder (ASD) at some point in our lives, badly interfering with our lives by affecting the routine. However, treatment and management of acute stress disorder can help us to control the symptoms of Acute Stress Disorder and bring us back to our normal days. At First Light Psychological Services, we have experts available to help you to diagnose the Acute Stress Reaction symptoms and with proven advanced Acute Trauma Disorder Treatments in Kew Gardens, NY & Farmingdale, NY we have successfully assisted a number of patients to get back to their normal days of life.

What is Acute Stress Disorder (ASD)?

Acute Stress Disorder (ASD), also known as Acute Traumatic Stress Disorder (ATSD) is characterized by the behavioral deficits and anxiety that occurs within 1 month of exposure to extreme trauma. Lasting of acute trauma varies from at least 3 days to 30 days. Acute stress disorder is the most common psychological disorder seen in survivors of major traumatic events. Emotional responsiveness is declined during ASD; studies suggest 33% of people who go through a distressing event also experience acute stress disorder. The signs and symptoms of an acute stress disorder typically begin during or soon following the traumatic experience. Such kind of extreme traumatic events which are the risk factors of Acute Stress Disorder include death of a loved one, breakup or other severe physical torture, rape, near-death experience in an accident, watching a murder etc.

A Man is Sitting and Having Acute Stress Disorder

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Acute Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms

Our practitioners believe to educate people with the disease they are suffering from, providing a detailed guideline and thus helping them to grow their personal attitude repulsive to disorders. You are free to book Acute Stress Disorder Treatment in Farmingdale, NY & Kew Gardens, NY while meeting the experts on the floor, ready to help you or your friend to get rid of the disorder. The symptoms of acute trauma disorder dsm 5 i.e. ASD involve dissociation, which reveals a perceived disinterest of the mind from the emotional state or even the body, Dissociation is also considered by a sense of the world as a fantasy or imaginary place and may be associated by poor memory of the particular events, which in extreme form is known as dissociative amnesia. Other symptoms / characters of acute stress disorder involve exaggerated startle response, numbness / Emotional unresponsiveness, Reduced consciousness of the surroundings, Recurrent, Unconscious, and intrusive upsetting memories of the traumatic event. Recurrent upsetting Nightmares in which the content or consequence of the dream is related to the traumatic event.

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Causes of Acute Stress Disorder

Causes of Acute Stree Disorder include Undergoing, watching, or being provoked with one or more traumatic events like loss of a loved one, the threat of serious injury, blackmailing, natural disasters, such as floods, fires or earthquakes, receiving a life-threatening diagnosis, mental or physical torture, threat to the physical integrity, etc.

Acute Stress Disorder Treatment in Farmingdale, NY & Kew Gardens, NY

Our Treatment strategies for the medications of Acute Stress Disorder include:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

(CBT) includes working with an expert mental health professional to develop helpful strategies to deal with ASD. The is a result-oriented treatment plan for Acute Stress Disorder and our doctors have years of hand-on experience to engage the patient to adopt the helpful strategies to deal with interventions for acute stress disorder. At First Light Psychological Services, we take things seriously we make sure to deliver quick results – no lengthy booking process and no need to wait for days to get Cognitive behavioral therapy in Farmingdale, NY & Kew Gardens, NY.


Medication for Acute Stress Disorder might be prescribed in the form of antidepressants or anticonvulsants to treat ASD symptoms. Our practitioners will always prefer to properly diagnose acute stress disorder to prescribe a better treatment plan for Acute Stress Disorder in Farmingdale, NY & Kew Gardens, NY to make sure instant results.
Exposure-based therapies to help you getting exposed and interacting to your environment and circumstances in the same way, you used to do before having ASD. Book Your Acute Trauma Treatment in Kew Gardens, NY & Farmingdale, NY and let us see how we can help you best.