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 What is Addiction/Addictive Disorder?

 Addiction also referred to as an addictive disorder is defined as a chronic, relapsing disorder that involves compulsive drug-seeking, repetitive engagement in specific behaviors, and non-stop use of stuff, regardless of the consequences. Several psychological and social factors contribute to the development and maintenance of an addiction. Behavioral Addiction is a biological process that occurs due to repeated exposure to an addictive stimulus.

While people initially choose to take drugs and engage in certain behaviors, repeated use can change their brain chemistry. This can lead to strong cravings for drugs and those behaviors, making them difficult to resist. Our addiction specialists in Farmingdale and Kew Gardens, NY, can help you understand the complex science of addiction (pathophysiology) and create a path to a healthier future.

Addictive Disorder

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 What are different types of Addictive Disorder?

It is considered as both a psychological illness and a combination of brain disorders. Examples of most common behavioral addictions and drug addictions include alcohol addiction, marijuana addiction, amphetamine addiction, cocaine addiction, coffee addiction, tea addiction, sex addiction, DSM sex addiction, smoking addiction, opioid addiction, food addiction, chocolate addiction, video game addiction, internet addiction, internet gaming addiction, mobile addiction, gambling addiction, and sexual addiction, etc.

Addiction is a problem affecting millions. In the US, about 20 million people struggle with substance abuse, with young adults being most at risk. Anyone can develop an addiction, and factors like family history, peer pressure, and mental health issues can increase the risk. To help people understand their risk and make healthy choices, we offer risk assessments and analysis in Kew Gardens and Farmingdale, NY.

Addictive Disorder

What are the causes of behavioral addiction?

People turn to addictive behaviors for many reasons. They might seek stress relief, pleasure, an escape, or a way to cope with pain. Some people are simply curious or influenced by friends. Addictions can feel good at first, offering satisfaction and relaxation. However, long-term consequences are very negative. Addictions cause distress for the individual, their family, and society. They lead to financial problems, lost time, and damage to physical and mental health.

symptoms of Behavioral Addictive Disorder?

Poor work performance, secretive behaviors, irritability, lying, criminal records, aggression, procrastination, obsessions, unexplained anxiety, lack of motivation, irritability, sleep disturbances, etc. are all indicative of the addictive disorder.

Addiction Treatment in Farmingdale & Kew Gardens, NY

Although addictive behaviors are difficult to be dealt with yet there are some treatment options for the addicts.

Medication can be part of addiction treatment, but it’s not enough on its own. It should be combined with other methods like therapy to address underlying issues like anxiety and depression. Combining medication with therapy or simply using medication is based on each individual’s specific needs and medical history, taking into account both acute and chronic health conditions.

Detoxification and experiential therapy helps you explore and address any underlying emotional issues that may have contributed to your addiction. We tailor the program to fit your individual needs, considering your social and ethical background, along with current social norms and practices. This personalized approach is available at our locations in Farmingdale, NY, and Kew Gardens, NY.

The Holistic Therapy which focuses on the individual’s overall well-being treating both physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal.
Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) helps people with addiction learn how to change negative thoughts and behaviors. This therapy available at “First Light Psycho” equips individuals with coping mechanisms to address the psychological challenges of addiction and overcome them effectively.

We at “First Light Psycho” in Farmingdale, NY & Kew Gardens, NY understand the importance of building trust with our clients. We are committed to creating a safe and ethical environment where you feel comfortable seeking help. This allows us to develop strong relationships and deliver effective psychological interventions.

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