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Social skills are the expertise used to interact and deal with others in our daily life. Social skills are of much importance because communicating and interacting with others efficiently and effectively helps in building better and stronger relationships, the better the social skills the more the career opportunities and success rates. At First Light Psychological Services, our team of experts are providing learning opportunities to those looking out for better social skills, coaching is available for kids to grow up as better and productive personalities, and for adults to have better career opportunities and having better social, personal and marital life, in Kew Gardens, NY & Farmingdale, NY our professionals are instructing individuals to have improved social skills for a happier and better life experience.  

How to improve the social skills?

You can improve your social skills by listening to people carefully as it shows respect and speaking clearly helps to convey your opinion effectively, setting goals to become a better person, observing what others do and adopting their positive and productive aspects, getting a feedback about your conduct from your family or colleagues as it can be helpful in maintaining the positive and managing the negative aspects of your behavior, Finding resources like coaching and classes for seeking techniques to adopt better conduct and by being interested for good communication and better connection with others. At First Light Psychological Services, our expert psychotherapists are providing guidance for the development of better social skills, for kids as well as for adults, in Kew Gardens, NY & Farmingdale, NY our professionals are instructing individuals who are seeking improved social skills.

What are Social Skills?

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Types of Social Skills for Adults:

Some of the most common and useful social skills include the following:

Active listening:

Active listening is the skill of paying attention closely to someone who is talking to you. Those who listen actively are certainly respected by their coworkers due to the devotion and respect they offer to them.

Effective communication:

The skill to connect efficiently with others is a basic social skill. If your communication skills are strong, you’ll be able to convey your opinions and ideas to others effectively.

Compassion and Empathy

Compassion is the skill to realise and understand the feelings of others. If you have empathy, people will often be more likely to reveal and seek help from you.

Dispute / conflict resolution

Difference of opinion and conflict can occur in any circumstances. Conflict resolution is the skill to seek the way out for the problem and finding an effective solution.


A key feature of respect is to know when to start a communication and when to respond. In a team or group setting, letting others speak without interrupting them is an essential communication ability that shows respect.


Cooperation is particularly important when you are working as a team, where you will be supposed to do partnership with others to reach a mutual objective.


Self-awareness means having the skill to recognize your opinions, feelings, and beliefs, as well as understanding how those factors can have an impact on your behavior.

Positivity and optimism

Positivity is a skill that inspires everyone. People are of course drawn in the direction of positivity and optimism because the positive approach makes them feel good about themselves and life.