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pschological services


The practice has highly trained therapists that specialize in the treatment of various clinical disorders. There is staff that have expertise in conducting specialized assessments and treatment for those involved in the criminal justice system. You can be assured that no matter what services you require, the staff will provide a comfortable, trusting, and non-judgmental environment

Clinical Services

Individual, couples, family, and group therapy

Forensic Services

Assessment and treatment for those involved in the criminal justice system

Teletherapy Services

Virtual individual and couples counseling


Webinars are for one-hour with a question/answer period. The webinars are educational.

Latest Blogs

The focus of our blogs is on helping people to discover the symptoms of their disorder, techniques to minimize them, and effective coping mechanisms for them.

We have listed down disorders to help and guide everyone including children, adults, aged people, couples, families, and groups with various aspects of psychological well-being. 

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