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Psychological and metal health Services providers

Individual counselling, Couples counselling and Family counselling in Kew Gardens, NY and Farmingdale, NY:

The psychotherapists and counselors at First Light Psychological Services, are helping many individuals to overcome the stressors getting in the way of their normal lives and causing significant distress, In Kew Gardens, NY & Farmingdale, NY we have effectively assisted a number of individuals to get back to their normal lives. If you are finding difficulties and hurdles in the path of your normal lives do connect with us and let us serve you at our best, our counselors are expert at resolving issues that many of us are facing normally in our lives, in different ways. Such types of issues and concerns are addressed according to the given types of counselling.

Individual Counseling:

At First Light Psychological Services, our team of experts are providing individual counseling In Kew Gardens, NY & Farmingdale, NY to help problems like stress, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, trouble coping, or requiring someone to guide through the disturbing matters of life, to sort out situational problems, to discover the goals of life, adjustment through a change, or to improve personal growth, talking and finding ways to cope with life matters as one at a time with an expert in a trustworthy environment can be a really influential and effective approach to improve your life.

Couple and Family Counselling

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Couples counseling:

At First Light Psychological Services, our professionals are providing Couple counseling In Kew Gardens, NY & Farmingdale, NY to guide the couples and sort out the relationship issues. Counseling the couples together can address a wide range of matters that couples usually face, regardless of the fact that the couple is just dating or engaged, the pre-marital counseling is suggested for any couple who wants to have a healthy and happy married life. Couples counseling can also help settle the relationships which are on the verge of breaking by sorting out issues like faithlessness, absence of trust, by preventing divorce, or reassuring a sense of intimacy, speaking with a skilled professional can be of utmost benefit. Divorce counseling available in Kew Gardens, NY & Farmingdale, NY can help the couple either by assisting them to sort out their issues hence preventing divorce, whereas if a couple has decided to end the marriage, divorce counseling can help them either to separate or divorce each other in the healthiest and most minimally damaging way, most importantly if children are also involved.

Couple and Family Counselling

Family counseling:

At First Light Psychological Services, we are providing the facility of family counseling In Kew Gardens, NY & Farmingdale, NY to address the families together in the same sitting, and to guide them to deal with the matters that have emotional impact on almost all the members in the family or a couple. If you want to develop a better parent-child relationship, address behavioral issues of children, or to learn how to cope with a family member having serious physical or mental health issues and want to learn how to create a better and happy family environment, a consultation with a family therapist do connect with us we are looking forward to help you.

Couple and Family Counselling