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A personality disorder is an abnormality in the way of thinking, feeling and behaving. The individual with personality disorder has a personality that does not meet the expectations of the society, it causes complications or problems in functioning and conduct / behavior, and lasts over time.    

There are 10 common types of personality disorders classified into three different classes, based on similar characteristics and symptoms i.e.

  • Cluster A personality disorders, having 3 sub types
  • Cluster B personality disorders, having 4 subtypes
  • Cluster C personality disorders, having 3 subtypes

The names and symptoms of all personality disorders are given as follows:

Cluster A personality disorders:

Cluster A personality disorders are categorized by unusual and bizarre mode of thinking or actions. They consist of 3 personality disorders i.e. Paranoid personality disorder, Schizoid personality disorder and Schizotypal personality disorder.

Paranoid personality disorder:

  • Persistent doubt and distrust of others and their intentions
  • The baseless belief that others are trying to hurt or betray you
  • Baseless doubt of the faithfulness or honesty of others
  • Indecision to rely on others due to irrational fear that others will use your information against you
  • Considering innocent statements or harmless situations as personal attacks or insults
  • Annoyed or aggressive reaction to self-supposed insults or offences
  • Likeliness to hold complaints
  • Baseless, recurring doubt that significant other or sexual partner is disloyal

Schizoid personality disorder:

  • Lack of concern in societal or personal relations, liking to be alone
  • Narrow range of expression of emotions
  • Lack of ability to enjoy most activities
  • Lack of ability to absorb common social indications
  • Seemingly being emotionless or unresponsive to others
  • Slight or no interest in having sex with partner

Schizotypal personality disorder

  • Unusual dress, beliefs, way of communication or conduct
  • Odd experiences of perceptions, such as hallucinations or murmur of something
  • Absence of emotions or lack of emotional responses
  • Sense of social anxiety and uneasiness with close relationships
  • Apathetic, incorrect or doubtful reaction to others
  • Dreamlike thinking, considering that you can impact people with your opinions
  • Faith that specific events have secret messages destined specifically for you

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Cluster B personality disorders:

Cluster B personality disorders are categorized by intense, overly passionate or impulsive thinking or conduct. Cluster B personality disorders include 4 types of disorders i.e. Anti-social personality disorder, Borderline personality disorder, Histrionic personality disorder and Narcissistic personality disorder.

Antisocial personality disorder:

  • Disrespect for the needs or feelings of others
  • Constant lying, theft, using assumed / fake name, cheating others
  • Recurrent difficulties with the law
  • Recurrent damage of others’ rights
  • Violent, often aggressive behavior
  • Disrespect for the security of one’s self or others
  • Spontaneous behavior
  • Always negligent
  • Lack of repentance for poor conduct

Borderline personality disorder:

  • Spontaneous and unsafe conduct, like having unsafe sex, laying bets or over eating
  • Insecure or friable self-image
  • Unsteady and passionate relationships
  • moods swings often as a response to personal stress
  • Suicidal tendency or threats of self-injury
  • Extreme fear of being abandoned
  • Continued mental state of emptiness
  • Recurrent, strong outbursts of anger
  • Tension-related distrust that originates and goes on its own

Histrionic personality disorder

  • Extremely expressive, intense or sexually stimulating to seek attention
  • Continuously attention seeking behavior
  • Expresses radically with solid sentiments, but few specifics or details to hold them on
  • Simply impressed by others
  • Rapidly altering sentiments
  • Extreme distress with the physical appearance
  • Considering the relationships to be closer than they in fact are

Narcissistic personality disorder:

  • Having faith that you are special and more important than others
  • Imaginations about might, attractiveness and success
  • Inability to be aware of the needs and feelings of others
  • Overstatement of accomplishments or abilities
  • Hope of continuous admiration and appreciation
  • Egotism
  • Irrational hopes of favoritisms and benefits, often taking benefit of others
  • Jealousy of others or faith that others are jealous of you

Cluster C personality disorders:

Cluster C personality disorders are categorized by nervous, anxious and dreadful thinking or conduct. The types of cluster C personality disorders involve 3 types i.e. Avoidant personality disorder, Dependent personality disorder and Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.

Avoidant personality disorder:

  • Too much touchiness and hypersensitivity to disapproval or refusal
  • Feeling insufficient, not up to snuff or unappealing
  • Avoidance of work events that involve personal contact
  • Socially withdrawn, nervous and avoiding new undertakings or interaction with unknowns
  • Too much nervousness in social events and personal relations
  • Fear of displeasure, humiliation or mockery

Dependent personality disorder:

  • Too much reliance on others and the need to be having special care
  • Obedient or uncertain conduct toward others
  • Afraid of self-care if left alone
  • Inadequacy of self-confidence, needing too much suggestions and assurance from other even for small decisions
  • Trouble initiating or doing tasks by yourself due to low self-confidence
  • Trouble in conflicting with others, being afraid of disapproval
  • Acceptance of abusive or poor conduct, even if other options are open
  • Crucial need to jump to new relationships when a one relationship has ended

Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder:

  • Obsession with particulars, organization and directions
  • Seeking too much perfection, causing suffering when precision is not attained
  • Need to be in control of tasks, people and circumstances, and incapability to represent tasks
  • Negligence of associates and amusing activities due to too much assurance to work or a assignment / task
  • Lack of ability to remove broken or useless objects
  • Inflexible and stubborn personality
  • Rigidness about morals, beliefs or ethics
  • Taut and strict, having tight control over financial arrangements and money expenditure

Given above are the types of personality disorders with their specific symptoms, while dealing with such disorders life’s circumstances often becomes difficult to be dealt with, however sticking to proper treatment regimen helps to have a better life experience. At First Light Psychological Services, our team of experts are helping many individuals to get through the symptoms of personality disorders, for the treatment of personality disorders in Kew Gardens, NY & Farmingdale, NY we have successfully assisted a number of patients to get back to their normal life. Connect with us for the treatment of following personality disorders:

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