The staff of First Light Psychological Services offers psychoeducational webinars at a nominal cost. A webinar is a live event that attendees join using their desktop, laptop, or mobile device. They run for one hour and after the material is presented there is ample time left for a question and answer period.


Our webinars provide educational material to attendees about mental health problems that may be negatively impacting their life or someone they know. Examples of the topics include, but are not limited to depression, anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress, addictions of all types, living with a specific mental disorder (e.g., bipolar disorder), personality disorders, coping skills, and tips on how to find a therapist that is a good match for you.


Other educational topics concern day to day life issues that may be affecting you in some manner. These topics include, but are not limited to, relationship dynamics, healthy and effective communication skills, dating across all age groups, core necessities for a strong and loving relationship, sexual issues, sexual addictions, emotional and physical intimacy, trust issues, infidelity/cheating, GLBT relationships, different types of love, parenting issues, ending a relationship, divorce, emotional/physical/sexual abuse, and much more.


Our educational webinars are to help people with obtaining accurate knowledge on these topics. We are open to suggestions for any specific topic you would be interested in learning about by emailing


New webinars are constantly added to the schedule. To view the schedule and/or sign up for a specific webinar please click on the link below:


[Click Here To View Secheduled Webinars]



DISCLAIMER:  Live webinars or viewing of recorded webinars are meant to provide practitioners and clients with education and information. When webinars are conducted live, the leader will provide general information about psychological, mental, and emotional issues on various topics, but they will not engage in rendering psychological or healthcare advice or consultation for any individual situation. Live webinars or viewing of recorded seminars, does not provide a medical or mental health service. It is not professional consultation or supervision. No diagnosis or treatment of, or professional advice or consultation or supervision regarding, any medical or mental or emotional disorder or illness of any individual will be offered during the webinar. The webinar cannot substitute for, and is not an alternative to, medical or other healthcare diagnosis and treatment, and consultation and supervision, when a medical or mental health disorder or illness is present. Webinar participants are advised to seek diagnosis, treatment and advice, and supervision and consultation, regarding medical or mental health disorders or illnesses from physicians, psychologists, psychotherapists, and other licensed healthcare professionals through other contexts.